O’halloran Hill Dental

O'halloran Hill Dental

Gentle Dental Care With O’halloran Hill Professionals

Our O’halloran Hill dental clinic leads the way if you are looking for new dental treatments with a practice who uses the latest technology to find concerning problem areas. Over the years we have offered a wide range of traditional and innovative therapies to our patients focused on meeting your individual needs. Whether you are looking for Invisalign services, periodontics, or wisdom teeth removal, we assure you of the best solutions.

Our team understands the importance of your health and how a beautiful smile can improve your appearance and self-confidence. We are committed and passionate about helping you achieve that best smile. If you feel anxious when visiting a dentist, we are the team to call for our wide range of different relaxation options to get dental treatment without fear or stress. Since we are a family-oriented dentist, we assure your family of a tranquil and friendly environment coupled with quality dental services.

Quality General O’halloran Hill Dental Check-ups

At Christies Beach Dental Care, our O’halloran Hill dental specialists advise that general dental checkups are essential in maintaining good oral health. Knowing early on about a problem can give you opportunities to consider opinions and select the proper treatment, avoiding ugly and costly surprises. When dealing with an emergency dental problem, we understand the pain, thus ensuring that you get a solution as soon as possible.

Besides being more successful and predictable, dealing with a dental problem early on can save you money and time. Our attentive and highly experienced staff ensure that each patient receives a personalised service with an assurance of a positive experience. To ensure that we give you what you want, we conduct an initial thorough examination and discussion. No matter the issue with your teeth, our trusted team of experts can provide a solution for you.

O'halloran Hill Dental
O'halloran Hill Dental

Get in Touch With Our O’halloran Hill Dental Specialist for Everything Dental

At Christies Beach Dental Care, our O’halloran Hill dental specialists are dedicated to educating our clients, and our focus is your comfort. You will experience a hi-tech alternative to traditional dental crowns with a 3D scan of your teeth with us. Our advanced technology and skills allows for accurate fitting of the crown, which bonds to your tooth.

In addition, we offer computerised root canal navigation, hence easily determining the length of your tooth root and controlling the speed and torque of the cleaning tips. With this technology, you can rest assured a treatment free of serious accidents that could occur with traditional methods.

We pride our work and advise our clients on the best option for specific dental problems. Since we want to maintain your smile, we view extracting teeth as a last resort, and it will only occur as a result of disease or trauma.

Our O’halloran Hill dental experts can provide excellent care for complex dental cases and minor teeth corrections. Call us today for more details.